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In an era when the meaning of health is largely forgotten, the breadth of Michael Brook’s expansive vision and the vital details he offers from multiple domains create a safety net of jewels for actively aware readers and communities.

William Evans, MD


The New Dimension explores conditions of health in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, economic and environmental arenas of our life.

The New Dimension explores how to use natural laws to further the process of personal and spiritual growth leading to high level wellness, optimal health and high performance living.

The New Dimension explores simple, yet little known, causes of low energy and disease at the cellular level, and what can be done to support true healing.

The New Dimension moves from a Newtonian, mechanistic
understanding of reality to an Einsteinian, energy based viewpoint. This higher level of understanding can be applied to familiar things like attitude, belief systems, self-esteem, self-image, forgiveness and how these can enhance or hinder spiritual growth.

The New Dimension synthesizes science and spirituality and finds the commonality in both approaches to Truth.

The New Dimension explores how systems, particularly the
design of an economic system, affects health and behavior. It offers practical solutions to current social and environmental problems.

It’s time to step into a New Dimension